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Voting is open untill 11PM EST, or 05:00 CET
Expats in the USA can now vote as "Foreigners in the US".

Votes by countries:

    Sweden [859 votes]

    United Kingdom [628 votes]

    Canada [525 votes]

    New Zealand [484 votes]

    Australia [411 votes]
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Be part of a world-wide experiment.
You are NOT living in America, yet America shapes the world. Would it not be interesting if you also could vote for (arguably) the most powerful person in the world. Even if you live outside the USA?

Now is your chance. This website will allow *everyone-except-Americans* to vote for the next US-president. See who is the most popular candidate in the world. See which countries are clinton countries, and which countries are trump countries.

How does it work? It is simple. Click on the vote button below Clinton or Trump. After that ask at least two of your friends to vote as well. Then feel free to publish the link to this website to all your friends and relatives, and tell them to do the same. At the bottom of the website are some buttons to make this easier for you.
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This campaign is now inactive, it is only here to view for historical interest.
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