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Countries most active:
    Sweden[ votes]
    United Kingdom[ votes]
    Canada[ votes]
    New Zealand[ votes]
    Australia[ votes]
    Germany[ votes]
    the Netherlands[ votes]
    Belgium[ votes]
    Finland[ votes]
    France[ votes]

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Your voting-choice and your email information will never be published. Your vote is your choice, and it is private. However to make this site interesting, we will post the fact that you have voted, on a temporary basis.

It may look like this: "Recently voted by from ". More information about you will never be shared.

If you do think even this is too much information, you can simply leave your name blank.

One thing we will keep is the statistical, non-personal information (how many people voted in a particular country for example). This is to allow people to see the end result of the vote.


Previous campaign

This previous campaign allowed *everyone-except-Americans* to vote for the next US-president (October / November 2012). Obama or Romney?
Check for the campaign details and results here.

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About VoteVoteVote.net The purpose of this website is to publish interesting and exciting things to vote for. Right now the American presidency is the biggest thing, but after this there will be more votes on different subjects.

Voting results
What will happen with the voting results? To be clear, the votes will not likely help to decide, unless the number of votes are massive. But the results will be visible to everyone, and the more people vote, the more relevant the results are.
Perhaps it will help sway public opinion in one way or the other. But more likely it will just be fun to see how many of your fellow country have voted, and on what.